A Rimowa Luggage Review

Thinking about investing in a suitcase that combines innovation and elegance? The Rimowa line of suitcases are the perfect solution. 


What Makes the Best Overall Carryon Suitcase?

The Salsa Deluxe Cabin Multiwheel has the best balance of size, price, durability and reliability. We tested this suitcase against other Samsonite and Delsey carryon suitcases, but found the Rimowa shell durability could not be beat. The better balanced suitcase is less prone to tipping over. Despite packing materials off balance, the suitcase stayed upright. In a rush? The luggage has 4 wheels, but can be tipped to 2 wheels easier to pull the luggage faster when transferring between flights.

The Ultimate Light Weight Hard Case Suitcase

Struggling to meet the airline carry-on weight restrictions? Hardcase suitcases often weigh over 5 lbs. This case weighs 4.2 lbs, making it the best high quality light weight suitcase available.  The design includes all the extra features without the added weight, such as 4 spinner wheels, TSA lock, and mesh organizers.

Best Hard Shell Luggage for International Travel

Checking in luggage for a flight can be stressful. Will everything fit? Is the suitcase durable against the baggage handlers? Owners of the Rimowa Salsa deluxe 32″ suitcase can relax. The luxury suitcase is sleek and durable. The TSA lock and zippers are manufactured to the  upmost German quality standards. The hardcase polycarbonate material is flexible for packers that want to fill the luggage to maximum capacity. Even if you overpack this case, it is still maneuverable with handles to lift when necessary.

Same, but Lighter – Best Lightweight Checkin

For those wishing to maximum weight restrictions, the Air variation to this model allows passengers to pack more. Weighing 8.6 lbs and fill volume of 105L, this is the largest variation of the Salsa Air for checkin.  The suitcase comes in purple, green, light blue, dark blue and red, making it easy to spot at baggage claim.  The Telescopic pull handle increasing volume while still able to maneuver around the airport.

Best Trunk for Sporting Gear and More

These days it seems impossible to find a reasonable price trunk that doesn’t cost over $1000. The Rimowa Salsa – Sports Multiwheel is indestructible with its heavy duty top and center mount assist handle (for balancing).  The trunk offers travelers flexibility in packing with a fully removable divider section.  The polycarbonate material allows for maximum storage and flexibility. The luggage always returns to shape at ambient pressure.

Salsa Deluxe Rimowa Review

The 29 inch salsa deluxe multiwheel luggage is the perfect size for longer trips requiring extra storage. The salsa deluxe is a finely crafted luggage made with a polycarbonate shell. Polycarbonate material is highly flexible, and maintains its shape after pressure. Comparing to aluminum luggage, this luggage is extremely lighter and much more durable. In addition, the stageless telescopic pull handle allows users to extend to any height for weight distribution and easy maneuvering. The handle is designed to be ergonomic and fits comfortably in your hand.
Rimowa’s trademark Add-A bag holder lets you attach a purse or other personal items to free up space while traveling.
The multiwheel 29 inch luggage also features a recessed TSA lock. This is a combination that you can set prior to the trip. TSA will be able to open it (if necessary) and close it without any damage to the lock or changing the combination. Setup instructions for the combination are included with the luggage and are easy and straightforward.

Within the suitcase, you will find that Rimowa has the best design for organization. For business travelers, the flex divider prevents wrinkling or shifting. The flex divider also doubles as a compression divider for each side of the luggage. Now a traveler can sort out and secure belongings on each side. Even the zippers on the luggage offer water resistant protection.

Like all of the Rimowa suitcases, this suitcase features the patented multiwheel system. The wheel system features an eight ball bearing system that rotates 360 degrees for easy transportation. Upright transportation removes the strain of heavy 2 wheel suitcases. It also allows for a stacking feature so that you can push one luggage with a small personal item on top without hassle. The wheels are larger than the average luggage wheel system for additional ease over gravel and other difficult surfaces.

Topas Stealth Cabin Multiwheel Review

Perhaps one of the best investments for travelers is a carry-on cabin luggage piece. The Rimowa line Topas Stealth Cabin Multiwheel offers a 5-year warranty that guarantees this luggage will endure high travel. Its aluminum shell makes the luggage lightweight and sturdy. This helps for traveling into rainy or humid areas. The outer shell keeps all your belongings nice and dry. Like all Rimowa hard cases, the case has a great balance between being flexible for packing and hardness for absorbing any travel related impacts.
The 4-wheel design makes it easy to walk with the case without worrying about the weight. Rimowa’s patented multiwheel system features eight ball bearing wheels which rotate 360 degrees. This makes it easy to walk on sidewalks and crossing streets without any difficulties. The design also lowers the likelihood of the luggage toppling (from unbalanced packing) over like most 2 wheel suitcases. The suitcase can be easily pushed or rolled regardless of the weight balance of the luggage.

This case features two handles- one topside and one on the side. The heavy duty carry handles helps to easily lift the suitcase for transport. Next to top handle, the multi-stage handle monotelescopic pull handle can be extended to any length. While the 4-wheel design allows the use to easily roll the luggage, you could also easily use the pull handle to tilt the luggage and pull via 2 wheels.
Inside the suitcase, the main compartment contains mesh packing dividers on each side to keep all your belongings. The main flex dividers allow travelers to compress specific sides of the luggage if necessary. The Rimowa flex material also helps to dissuades wrinkling and shifting.
Last but not least, one of my favorite features for Rimowa luggage, is the Add-A-Bag holder. It allows you to add a purse or laptop bag to the luggage for easier transport.

Rimowa Aluminum Cases
When it comes to traveling, your choice of luggage can easily make or break your trip. There are many factors in deciding which suitcase and carry on is best for you – design, durability, price and warranty/repair, are just some of them. While these are all dependent on your preference, one thing that remains true is that whatever your destination is or how long your trip will be, picking the right suitcase is just as essential as the things you pack in it. This review will help you in making that decision.

There is a wide selection of luggage, suitcases and carry ons on sale today at varying prices to choose from that will suit every kind of traveler. They come with different perks and features – from colors and sizes to repair and warranty. On this review, however, you’ll see that based on our own experience over the years as well as different product reviews by other satisfied customers, if we had to stick to one brand then Rimowa is our top pick. And this review blog will show you why.



You don’t need to read a review to make sure if this is the real deal. Rimowa prides itself in being one of Europe’s top manufacturers of the finest, most beautiful and most innovative luggage and suitcase in the market – and this review certainly agrees. Its hefty price also acquires a refined exclusivity. Created in Germany, Rimowa has made a name for itself by pioneering a number of landmark developments in the luggage industry. They were the very first to come up with aluminum suitcase with grooves in 1950 and the first waterproof metal case in 1976. And in 2000, they made their mark in the luggage industry yet again when they came up with the idea of using polycarbonate for their cases.

The original luggage with grooves
The original luggage with grooves

While the price may seem too high for the typical budget traveler, this review guarantees that the design, build, quality and warranty of your Rimowa suitcase will get you your money’s worth. Based on the recognition Rimowa has been earning worldwide, as well as the many other excellent reviews and its successful sales, we aren’t the only ones singing its praises. They were awarded “Best Luggage” by Travel + Leisure for their Salsa Deluxe Multiwheel suitcase as well as first prize by Travel Goods Association for their Salsa Air line back in 2010. They’ve also consistently been featured on the best luggage lists in various luggage reviews online. And late last year, Rimowa, along with partner airline Lufthansa, received an award for “Best Baggage Initiative” at the Future Travel Experience held in Las Vegas. We’ll talk about that later on in this review.

Carry-On Luggage and more

From luggage and suitcases to carry ons and briefcases, our review finds that Rimowa has every type of bag for every jetsetter who demands excellence and high quality and is willing to pay the price for it. A CNN reporter also has explained why she vouches for Rimowa with her high travel volume.

As the very first manufacturer to use aluminum, Rimowa’s product line of aluminum cases remains at the top of the market with its successful sales, positive customer reviews and great warranty. Our review found that the Topas line, including Topas Stealth and Topas Titanium, is exquisite in appearance, and is the prime example of luxury travel. As you can read from a lot of reviews, the Topas luggage remains one of the lightest and most durable aluminum suitcases in the sales market today. The Topas Stealth suitcase looks sleek and refined, and is integrated with state-of-the-art technology. The Topas Titanium pieces exude a timeless feel. All aluminum suitcases and luggage also come in different sizes, perfect as a carry on or check-in luggage. Warranty is also included in the sale, although with the sturdiness of its aluminum case, our review thinks you might not even have to have it a repaired in the first place.

Topas Stealth
Topas Stealth
Topas Titanium
Topas Titanium

When Rimowa took the idea of lightweight travel to a whole different level by introducing the use of polycarbonate, they came up with the Salsa line. Among its polycarbonate cases, the Salsa line, which is lower in price compared to its aluminum counterpart, is definitely a favorite among travelers and luggage review bloggers alike. The Salsa, Salsa Deluxe and Salsa Air pieces have continued to garner attention as one of the best lightweight suitcases on sale for its price. The Salsa suitcase was the first luggage to be made of polycarbonate, and until today it remains one of Rimowa’s most popular staples – just check out its reviews. The Salsa Deluxe combines beauty and purpose by creating a 3-suiter luggage with a front pocket that looks as good as it is useful. On sale in vibrant colors, the Salsa Air is the most lightweight piece of luggage among the Rimowa product line as well as the other brands on sale in the market. Regardless of its light weight, this review finds that the quality and durability of this suitcase is still excellent, making the need for repair or warranty use unlikely. A more detailed review for this luggage piece will be posted soon. And like every other product offering of Rimowa, the Salsa line is on sale in carry on sizes as well as much bigger suitcases, warranty included.

Salsa Line
Salsa Line
Salsa Deluxe
Salsa Deluxe
Salsa Air
Salsa Air

Next in the review is the Limbo, Bolero and Bossa Nova luggage in its polycarbonate cases for sale. With a frame made of aluminum magnesium and a shell out of polycarbonate, our review found that Limbo presents a suitcase that feels as good as it looks. The Bolero luggage, on the other hand, is similar to the Salsa in both material and build with the addition of a large front pocket, perfect as a carry on luggage for a combination of business and leisure travel. Bossa Nova, the newest addition to the Rimowa brand that was put on sale in 2014, is a beautiful suitcase that, this review thinks, oozes sophistication with its premium materials and precise detail. Based on our review, with its suitcase shell trimmed with cowhide and the interior lined with padded fabric, this luggage is of the highest quality. Warranty is also part of the sale for all three product lines. But with a quality like this, you might not even need to use the warranty to have your suitcase repaired.

Bossa Nova
Bossa Nova

For frequent business travelers, Rimowa also has its Attaché line on sale which this review really likes. This product line has three different sizes to choose from. In addition to its elegant-looking exterior, the interior of their briefcase is designed to store a laptop as well as any other office documents and materials to ensure maximum utility. Even better, they also come with a warranty on the off chance that it needs a repair.

Other product lines on sale by Rimowa also offer similar notebook bags such as Salsa, Salsa Deluxe Hybrid, Limbo and Bolero. The review for the Salsa Deluxe Hybrid Notebook will be posted soon.

Attache case
Attache case
Limbo Attaché Case
Limbo Attaché Case

The Rimowa Brand also has a collection of leather accessories on sale for both men and women that will match perfectly with your Rimowa luggage. On sale in red, black or blue, these accessories range from luggage and carry on tags, manicure sets and keyrings to travel organizers, passport covers and wallets. They also have iPhone booklets and iPad cases. Based on what we’ve reviewed so far, these accessories aren’t just fashionable; they’re also high-quality.

Rimowa manicure set
Rimowa manicure set

Technology/Design (Product Features)

With its big price tag, Rimowa assures travelers that it isn’t just all about the looks. Our review can vouch for the fact that it’s also about the performance. Regardless of the style and size of your Rimowa luggage, whether it’s the larger Multiwheel suitcase or the smaller carry ons, all of Rimowa’s suitcases have signature features and a warranty included in the sale that automatically make them unique and an instant hit among luggage travel reviewers. Known as “The original luggage with grooves”, the textured patterns on the suitcase shell make all of Rimowa’s suitcases distinctive and unique with a look that our review really likes.

When picking out a luggage piece, especially a carry on, weight is an important factor. All luggage reviews will agree on this. It’s unsurprising if people would prioritize weight over the warranty and repair. It’s always smarter to go for a carry on suitcase that weighs less but at the same time doesn’t skimp on the quality. And while soft-sided suitcases are generally lighter, Rimowa’s aluminum suitcases are more lightweight than the typical hard-sided luggage. Even lighter still, the Brand’s polycarbonate suitcases, specifically the pieces of the Salsa Air line, are extremely lightweight. But don’t let it fool you, based on our review as well as other luggage reviews, these suitcases are still highly durable.

As you’ve read already on our review, it’s not just the appearances of its luggage and suitcase that sets Rimowa apart from its sales competitors. It’s also the quality. Rimowa luggage uses only the most high-tech material when manufacturing its products like aircraft aluminum for its aluminum cases, making its suitcases long-lasting and durable, more so than any other luggage on sale. Repairs will not be an issue. And in the small chance that it is, Rimowa’s warranty has got you covered.

For its lighter luggage, Rimowa uses polycarbonate, a high-tech material that isn’t only lightweight. It’s also extremely flexible and impact-resistant, allowing your suitcase shell to return to its normal shape when the pressure being exerted upon it is removed. With the polycarbonate material, your luggage will be dent-free, making shell repairs one less problem to deal with.

Topas Stealth made from aircraft aluminum
Topas Stealth made from aircraft aluminum

Rimowa suitcases, like the Topas Titanium, are also fitted with telescopic handles which will allow you to drag, push or pull your luggage through airports and your carry ons through airplane aisles according to your height. Some cases on sale, like the Salsa and Salsa Air suitcases, have telescopic handles that lock at three stages, while others have no set stages. Our review prefers telescopic handles with no pre-set stages. That way, you’ll be able to maneuver your bag more easily and fluidly. And since suitcase handle repairs are one of the most common problems that come up, it’s good that these telescopic handles are durable. Just to be sure, Rimowa’s warranty still has you covered.

Telescopic Handle
Telescopic Handle


Aside from the stylish grooves that distinguish it from all other luggage, Rimowa also has its trademarked Multiwheel system that allows you to maneuver your suitcase and carry on in any direction with complete ease. Like the handles, luggage wheel repairs are also a prevalent inconvenience. The high quality of the Multiwheel, as well as the Brand’s warranty, will lessen that inconvenience for you.


Like most luggage, suitcases and carry ons on sale today, each and every piece of Rimowa luggage also comes with a TSA lock. Recognized globally, a TSA lock can be opened by authorities with a master key, saving you from the price of having to repair the lock of your luggage or suitcase in the event that it is forced open. Any review will tell you that the TSA lock is always a plus.

The luggage and suitcase of the Rimowa product range can be divided into two types based on the material they’re made from – aluminum and polycarbonate. This review will talk about the pros and cons of each. The aluminum cases, which have a higher price, are sturdier and more durable. The aluminum shell can protect against humidity and extreme temperatures as well. In addition, they, specifically the Topas Classic, have the advantage of resembling the signature Rimowa look and feel as opposed to the polycarbonate suitcases. The polycarbonate luggage is cheaper in price and is a more ideal choice for carry ons and for lighter travel. Although it is much lighter, polycarbonate is still a strong material and can also withstand exposure to UV rays as well as extreme heat and cold. Both materials are strong enough to keep the need of repairs at a bare minimum. In the end, our review has concluded that whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed.

Rimowa Polycarbonate Cases
Rimowa Polycarbonate Cases

Don’t confuse Topas Titanium with the material itself as titanium merely refers to the color. Topas Titanium still falls under the aluminum cases. The difference between the Topas suitcase and the suitcases in the Titanium line is the elegant contours and color that cap them off with a beautiful, Titanium look, making it one of the more attractive pieces on sale and a review favorite.

Interior of the Topas Titanium
Interior of the Topas Titanium

Rimowa boasts itself as one of the leading luggage brands in creating modern, high-quality and innovative suitcases, and our review agrees. In addition to its quality suitcases, excellet warranty and repair, and sophisticated look, Rimowa has come up with another feature that is sure to make waves. Recently, they introduced to the market the Rimowa Electronic Tag. Launched earlier this year, this groundbreaking feature allows travelers to check-in their suitcase at home before even stepping foot on the airport. Just download the app into your smartphone, and you’re well on your way to a much more hassle-free travel experience. The Rimowa Electronic Tag is now being integrated throughout their product line – Topas, Topas Stealth, Topas Titanium, Onyx, Salsa, Salsa Deluxe, Bossa Nova and Limbo. Salsa Air understandably doesn’t have the feature considering the line is designed mostly for carry on luggage. As of today, the Rimowa Electronic Tag is exclusively available in Lufthansa Airlines, but they’re currently testing the product in United Airlines as well, so that should be something to look forward to.


Warranty and Repair

Following the European warranty model, Rimowa shows its confidence in the performance of its suitcases by offering its customers a 5-year warranty for repairs, whereas the warranty for most low-price brands offers less. The Rimowa warranty guarantees product repair for manufacturing faults and defects. In case you need to have your luggage repaired within the warranty period, you will need to present the warranty card or a proof of purchase after filling out the repair order form which you can get from Rimowa’s official website. In some cases, based on various reviews, the warranty also allows exchanges if the luggage is still brand new and unused.

Just in case you need a repair after the warranty period is up, that’s still no problem. While there are various luggage parts for sale and many luggage repair shops, we find it best to bring your case to an authorized Rimowa repair shop instead. Even if the warranty doesn’t cover the damage, this review recommends that you bring your case to a repair center rather than replacing the parts yourself. Rimowa has authorized repair service centers or repair shops all over the world that have the expertise to help whether it’s providing replacement parts or repairing damages that affect the luggage’s functionality. For questions on the warranty, repair or any other problems with your luggage, you can contact their repair service expert through phone or email. They also have a FAQ on their website regarding product warranty and repair.

Product Price & Sales

Rimowa has eighty stores worldwide where you can find their latest products on sale. You can also find luggage, suitcases and carry ons on sale at online and in-store dealers authorized by Rimowa like LuggagePros.com and Bloomingdale’s that offer the 5-year warranty covering defect-related repairs.

Price range varies from line to line. The Topas line, being aluminum cases, is priced the highest. The smallest Topas piece is on sale for $815 while the price of the biggest one is $1,190. The Topas Stealth and the Topas Titanium generally have similar prices, with the biggest 32” Multiwheel priced at $1,560.

The Salsa pieces are normally priced between $525 for the smaller Multiwheel to $725 for the bigger 32” one. For the higher-priced Salsa Deluxe line, the smallest business trolley is on sale for $515 while the biggest 3-suiter luggage is priced at $895. The price for Salsa Air is usually on sale for around $475-$595, depending on the size.

The Limbo product line, which is priced higher than the Salsa, is on sale between $770 for the cabin trolley and $970 for the largest Multiwheel. Meanwhile, the price for the Bolero pieces is on sale for somewhere between $525-$660. The most expensive among the polycarbonate cases, the smallest-sized cabin Multiwheel has a price of $1,095 while the biggest is priced at $1,225.

We’ll be honest. The price for a Rimowa luggage can be pretty steep – many reviews have said as such. As you’ve read in our review, the Brand markets to a specific group of travelers who are more than willing to spend money on a long-lasting, high-price and high-quality piece of luggage with excellent warranty. While the price is higher than the usual luggage, our review will convince you that it is a wise investment to make. Thanks to its supreme quality, a Rimowa suitcase is guaranteed to have a lengthy lifespan. In the long run, the price you pay for your Rimowa luggage will keep you from spending further on other suitcases that just won’t make the cut.


  1. I like the suitcases, but are the colors limited? I don’t want to have the same suitcase as everyone else (black/silver)

    1. Yes Rimowa has a variety of colors. After visiting the store, I think there is more selection of color variation online.

  2. I have a broken wheel. How can I order a replacement? I read that it’s easy but cannot find contact info.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Patty, sorry to hear about your broken wheel! i’ve actually ordered a new wheel via service@rimowa.de . if you have your purchase records, you could also bring it to a store where it might be covered by a warranty. good luck!

  3. Bought two of these over the summer and have used it on several transatlantic flights since. It’s super stylish, roomy and so easy to pull even when it’s filled to the brim. Love the shiny finish, dark blue color and ultra-light weight. Love it so much that I’m buying a third.

  4. Delta lost my rimowa suitcase over the holidays. How do I get them to replace the cost of the luggage without having the receipt anymore??

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