Hi, I’m Albert. I’m not a professional blogger or a wanderlust backpacker traveling the world on a dime. Far from it.  I work in the corporate world / tech industry and have been traveling the world mostly for work and the occasional extravagant vacation.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I really enjoy traveling.  I thought George Clooney was playing me in “Up in the Air.”  I have accumulated a great deal of travel tips and travel gear.  Among my many travel items, my luggage has been my pride and joy.  My wife, loves her Louis Vuitton purses…. I love my Rimowa suitcases.  Each suitcase serves a different purpose and different occasion.  I love to search for the new releases as well as give fellow Rimowa fans a “wink” at the baggage claim. Rimowa is the absolute classic aluminum hard case suit case with the grooves. It reminds me of the 70’s when it was pioneering era of aircraft construction travel.

You’ll see my favorite suitcases here – aluminum classics, upgraded designs to support new TSA regulations, the salsa line, and from time to time, fun weekender suitcases I like to use to house my camera gear and laptops. I hope this sites helps anyone looking to find out more information about the Rimowa line of luggage.  In the mean time, safe travels to wherever you destination may be.

—Albert Barnett—