Aluminum Suitcases – Classic vs Topas Review

Recently someone asked me if I liked my Rimowa Salsa suitcase more than the Aluminum Classic Flight line. Thinking about it more, I realized the nostalgic beauty of the silver case.

The original Classic Flight luggage reminds me of a James Bond film. Ruggedized and Stunning. The original Rimowa suitcase, the classic line has been a best seller. However, with recent advancements in technology, I really have to choose the Topas line over the classic flight.

The Topas model is definitely more expensive than the classic flight model.  But Why?

Classic Flight vs Topas

Top Difference: The Locks

The latches on the Topas are flat within the suitcase, which offers more protection.

Wheels: Like the locks, the wheels are flush with the suitcase, so it is not easily damaged during handling.

Electronic Tagging: The Topas model features electronic tagging for the larger models. The Classic model does not.

Flex Divider: Both models feature a flex divider. However, the Topas model features more options. The height-adjustable Flex-Divider can be adjusted accommodate the different items to help keep your belongings secure.

Worth the money?

Well, that is the Million dollar question. If you have to ask, then you can’t afford it. Simple, but true. If you are debating about price, the Rimowa brand may not be for you. However, if money is not the biggest decider, and QUALITY is, then a Rimowa suitcase is the right choice.

I have different models of Rimowa luggage depending on what type of trip I am taking, and what type of items I need to transport. If I have a very fragile item, I use a topas. If I am concered about weight restrictions, I use the Salsa Air model.

One Trip Experience – Waiting Time

On my last trip, I packed using my Topas suitcase, as I was traveling to Africa and wanted to ensure that the items arrived without damage. I made the long trip from America to Africa in a little less than 30 hours. Many connecting flights – my luggage emerged in excellent condition. My ride, however, did not.

After passing immigration and customs, I had to wait out on the curb for my ride to pick me up. Luckily, I knew the Topas model was sturdy enough to hold my weight. So for about an hour, I used my trusty suitcase to sit on. Eventually my ride showed up and I was able to start my holiday. The contents in the Topas suitcase were still in pristine condition. The bonus was that I was able to also have a fancy stool to sit on while I waited.

Until next time! – Rimowa Expert

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