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What is a Rimowa 75 Sports Trunk?

Online, its hard to tell whether or not a suitcase can be large enough for your travel needs. Recently I was a little confused on the Rimowa site between “Sports Multiwheel 75” and and Rimowa 92L sports trunk. Turns out they are the same product! I’m not sure where the 75 number came from, but there are only two Rimowa sized trunks: Rimowa Sport 75 and Rimowa Sport 80.

Sport 75 and Sport 80 comparison

Rimowa Sport 75 Rimowa Sport 80
Type Salsa Salsa
Size (cm) 73 x 37,5 x 43 cm 80 x 37,5 x 43 cm
Size (in) 28.7 X 14.8 X 16.9 IN 31.5 X 14.8 X 16.9 IN
Weight APPROX. 12.3 LB APPROX. 13.0 LB
Capacity 91.5L -> 92L 102.5L -> 103L


From the table, you can see that the trunks only differ in height.  The “75” may refer to the height in cm, but even that is a little off.

list of the features

How long can your travel with a pack larger than 90 liters?

If you plan to wash clothes, then everything in this sports trunk should be enough for someone to pick up and move to another location. It’s that large. The durability of the trunk also means that I tossed in my camera equipment without worrying about damaging it.

The wheels that make the difference

Just the look of the Rimowa trunk is a show stopper. On top of that, the wheels on the unit are great over any type of city terrain. I lugged this trunk from the London airport, through the train and metro, and then finally through the cobblestone streets to my friend’s flat without any issues. The trunk was heavy with all my belongings, but the 4 wheel system glided no problem over the flooring.  I had my hesitations about walking around the city, but I managed to transport all my gear without issue.

Here’s what I packed into my sports trunk 92 Liters:

Item Quantity Item Description
6 Shoes (Sneakers, Boots, Flip flops, dress shoes, Toms)
4 Shorts
2 Trousers
2 Sweatpants
2 Jeans
4 T shirts
3 Jackets
1 Snowboard Coat (xlarge)
2 Sweaters
20 Misc. Undergarments
2 Cameras (1 DSLR and 1 Gpro) In Foam protected housing
3 Protected Lenses for DSLR
4 Bottles of Sunblock
1 Toiletry Bag (Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, razor, etc)
1 Hair dryer
1 Light weight microfiber towel
2 Guide books
1 Smaller hiking backpack
1 journal
1 Portable speaker
Misc Chargers, cables, adapters, torch, etc


As you can tell, the list is very large. The sports trunk can literally hold every item imaginable.

To find the best price for the sports trunk, visit our home page. 

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Where can I find the best prices for a Rimowa?

Are Prices the same everywhere?

Most people think that all Rimowa suitcases are the same price across countries, stores and online. However, when you buy a Rimowa online, you can save up to hundreds of dollars. Not sure on what type or size to buy? First do your research.

Retail Store Models and Costs

Nieman Marcus and Nordstroms both carry the Rimowa brand of luggage and travel bags.  This a great place to determine whether you would like to purchase a Topas or a Salsa model. Each model has its benefits.  For carry-on luggage, my favorite choice is the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Multiwheel model.  The carryon model has the best quality and easy to roll spinner wheels.

Rimowa Aluminum Cases

Best Deals Online

Doing a google search for Rimowa carryon, you will be able to find shopping choices between: ebay, amazon, zappos, and other department stores.


Ebay has low prices, but comes with the product risk. In certain cases, the unit could be a very high end knockoff. Knockoffs have the aesthetic replication of the Rimowa exterior, however, it may not have the same durability and warranty to the German Rimowa standards.


Amazon lists various Rimowa models, but not offer direct amazon warehouse shipping. Most listings are third party sellers, and may not have the most competitive price.  In addition, in some cases, the price will include an additional shipping price. The return policies for these companies varies and requires additional research prior to purchase.

Our Recommendation

My favorite place to buy Rimowa luggage is here. For more detailed information visit my home page for details on models.  My recommended online site features easy returns and free shipping. In addition, I found these are the most competitive prices in USA.

Discounted Products

It is often vary rare to see a Rimowa model on clearance.  An alternative could be for people to research craigslist options. This requires you to do regular searches and meeting a person locally.  In most cases these suitcases are used (with scratches or dings).  When buying a second hand luggage, I recommend to thoroughly check the case:

  • Verify the interior is odor-free
  • Interior straps are still in good condition
  • Exterior does not have significant dings
  • Wheels are tightly secured to case
  • Locks are functional
  • No cracks in exterior case

Duty-Free Shops

On vacation in Europe? I’ve seen official Duty Free Rimowa stores in both Lisbon and Munich.  Duty Free stores are convenient for US travelers because you skip the entire VAT reimbursement process.  When you purchase luggage within Europe, it is often taxed between 19-22%.  However, in the airport, stores are exempt from certain local and national taxes. In some cases, when can ask the flight attendant if you can gate check the item or repack your carryon belongs.

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Should I buy a Suitcase as a present for Christmas?

Sometimes shopping for friends and family can be the most stressful and time consuming thing to do in December.  With black Friday in the past, one is left to search amazon or go to the mall.  Depending on the person, a suitcase or an accessory to luggage could be the perfect choice.

Budget Travel Accessories as Gifts

Believe it or not, one of my favorite budget gifts I received one year was a luggage tag. Most luggage comes with a complimentary tag that matches the color of the case.  However, one year I received a bright pink plastic luggage tag. The color stood out so much that I could always tell immediately whether the item was mine or not on the baggage claim carousel.  Nowadays there are many varieties that you can find on amazon for a cheap price.

Moderately Priced Travel Related Items

Cosmetic Case or a Travel Kit?

A cosmetic case can also be used as a travel kit.  Despite TSA regulations setting all liquids be in a clear bag, I toss my 100ml items into zip lock bag and then into a travel kit.  This way, I can also add a toothbrush, floss, and other small items.  Like luggage tags, travel kids can also be purchased to fit one’s personality / preferences.  Tumi has the traditional black ones with the red logo.  Tory Burch and Kate Spade will often times create unique travel kits with prints and bold colors.

The Perfect Gift for Anyone

One of my favorite accessories are overnight bags.  If it is a significant other, you can buy a larger upscale leather bag.  For example, Tumi has a line for duffle bags marketed for work, gym or travel.  The smaller bags start at $150 and go up to $1000.  Whether you are buying a gift for your mom, mother in law, or best friend, the overnight bag works for everyone. It’s simple enough for daily use, or for someone that doesn’t travel much, they can use it as a gym bag or as a backup emergency bag in the car.

For higher end companies, you can also monogram the bag to make the gift unique and personalized.

Luxury Gifts for That Special Someone

Looking for a luxury item that isn’t a necklace or a ring? A suitcase is a great option to give to your long term partner. It’s something special that tells the other person, ‘ I wan’t to go on trips with you.” The Rimowa Salsa carry on is a great choice for those looking for a quality suitcase, great design, and long lasting.

In Japan, there are 4 different store fronts within Tokyo for people to shop this luxury item.  In general, the Japanese community has a preference for Rimowa for the brand’s high quality hard cases, fashion statements, and good looking aesthetics.

This holiday season I plan to buy my sister a Salsa Air Carry On in Red.  I know that this is a gift she will enjoy and use for the years to come.




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Is a Tumi Bag Worth It?

Since I travel a lot, people are always asking me to evaluate or compare different brands.  I have been a true fan of Rimowa Luggage for many years. That being said, I do often check out other brands to see how they compare to mine.

International Slim Carry-On

At first look, the Tumi Carry on looks just like the Rimowa Salsa Line.

Tumi Specifications


  • Height 55   cm
  • Width 40  cm
  • Depth  20  cm
  • Weight: 2,9  kg
  • Capacity: 37  L
  • Primary Material: Polycarbonate


  • Height 55 cm
  • Width  40 cm
  • Depth  23 cm
  • Weight: 2  kg
  • Capacity: 38  L
  • Primary Material: Polycarbonate

On measurements alone, the Rimowa Salsa Air Cabin Sized luggage is slightly larger and lighter than the Tumi International Slim Carry On.

The Best Kept Secret

My favorite part of cabin luggage is the ease of transportation.  The Rimowa line of luggage has a special 4 wheel system that makes it easier than other models to be pulled or pushed over different types of flooring.

Most people over look this small feature until they get to Europe and have to pull their luggage over cobblestone sidewalks. Cheaper luggage will struggle to glide easily over un even surfaces.

Best Prices for Each Unit

Prices vary online for the Tumi and Rimowa.  Generally both carry – on units should cost less than 400 euros.

For Tumi models, I found that the Rimowa unit would be about 5-10 euros more expensive.  However, if you look at the dimensions and specifications, that is a small difference to pay in return for a superior product. In many cases, the prices difference is only 1-2% more expensive.

Wear and Tear

Rimowa luggage owners will know that the more your travel, the more “scratches” and marks you will obtain on your suitcase. However, I think Rimowa units with stickers and marks are what make each piece unique and beautiful.  I trust the hardcase unit to keep fragile items from damage. The luggage handlers can toss and throw my luggage around during checkin, but the piece does it’s job and keeps the contents safe and sound.

 Tumi V3 vs Rimowa

The conclusion? For the money, durability and warranty, I would chose a Rimowa piece over Tumi.



  • Height 56   cm
  • Width 35.5  cm
  • Depth  23  cm
  • Weight: 5  kg
  • Capacity: 32  L
  • Primary Material: Aluminum


  • Height 55 cm
  • Width  40 cm
  • Depth  20 cm
  • Weight: 4.8  kg
  • Capacity: 32  L
  • Primary Material: Aluminum

The Tumi Aluminum unit is slightly taller while the Rimowa unit is a little wider.  They both contain a volume of 32L, but the Rimowa unit is 4.8KG compared to the Tumi unit at 5kg.

From previous airline experience, some overhead compartments are shorter, so a wider suitcase would work out better than a taller unit.

The price tag for both units in Europe is just under 1000 euros. Both competitors are tailoring to customers seeking out aluminum cases.  Whether its aluminum or polycarbonate, I believe the specifications alone show that the Rimowa pieces are more desirable.

For more info on Rimowa bags, check out our home page.

Happy Traveling!

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Rimowa Titanium Luggage

I thought I would write about the Topas Titanium collection today to eliminate some confusion. Contrary to the name Titanium, the Rimowa Topas Titanium collection is not made of Titanium.

Titanium or Aluminum?

That’s right. The suitcase is made from aluminum but designed to look like titanium. It is slightly heavier than our other suitcases. Why? If you take a look inside the Topas Titanium, you can see that the interior has a height adjustable flex divider to allow the traveler to have a custom interior fit. This definitely helps keep items organized where TSA or other security agents open and inspect the luggage.
This exclusive aluminum material is more durable than its competitors like Delsey and Tumi. The Topas Aluminum is approximately one pound lighter than the Topas Titanium. This is due to the fact that the Topas Titanium model is manufactured out of aircraft aluminum, making it very durable.
Whether you are traveling to high humidity area or high temperature areas, your belongings inside the case are unaffected.

Aircraft Aluminum

Aircraft grade aluminum refers to the type of alloy within the material. Aircrafts must pass extreme temperatures and environmental testing compared to other aluminum materials. The most common alloys for aircraft grade aluminum are 6061, 2024, and 7075. Each type differences in tempers of allow. The 7075 allow has different processing requirements than 6061. The alloy in the material makes it stronger than if the material was solely aluminum.
Rimowa’s patent design does not explain the type of alloy used in manufacture. However, it is noted that it is stronger than other typical “titanium” labeled brands.

Delsey Luggage Helium Titanium

After some checking, I found that the Delsey Titanium luggage is actually made of polycarbonate. The word Titanium refers to the matte metallic finish. I would only recommend this suitcase as a starter luggage. The unit has bright colors and is lightweight. However, for those travelers that want to protect the contents – I would go with a Rimowa product.
If you only travel once a year, then it would not see as much wear and tear as a person that travels weekly.
The Titanium collection also features a black color option. Rimowa has anodized the aluminum, which refers to the electrochemical process. This gives the luggage a unique shade of black compared to other suitcases. The aluminum black color will appear matte versus glossy.

Will it Scratch?

The Topas collection has a patent finish that prevents scratching. This is definitely great for those travelers that like that clean luggage look. Many times, the luggage handlers will toss in luggage that causes light scratch marks across other suitcases.

Looking for a Rimowa Carry-on? Please visit the homepage.

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Aluminum Suitcases – Classic vs Topas Review

Recently someone asked me if I liked my Rimowa Salsa suitcase more than the Aluminum Classic Flight line. Thinking about it more, I realized the nostalgic beauty of the silver case.

The original Classic Flight luggage reminds me of a James Bond film. Ruggedized and Stunning. The original Rimowa suitcase, the classic line has been a best seller. However, with recent advancements in technology, I really have to choose the Topas line over the classic flight.

The Topas model is definitely more expensive than the classic flight model.  But Why?

Classic Flight vs Topas

Top Difference: The Locks

The latches on the Topas are flat within the suitcase, which offers more protection.

Wheels: Like the locks, the wheels are flush with the suitcase, so it is not easily damaged during handling.

Electronic Tagging: The Topas model features electronic tagging for the larger models. The Classic model does not.

Flex Divider: Both models feature a flex divider. However, the Topas model features more options. The height-adjustable Flex-Divider can be adjusted accommodate the different items to help keep your belongings secure.

Worth the money?

Well, that is the Million dollar question. If you have to ask, then you can’t afford it. Simple, but true. If you are debating about price, the Rimowa brand may not be for you. However, if money is not the biggest decider, and QUALITY is, then a Rimowa suitcase is the right choice.

I have different models of Rimowa luggage depending on what type of trip I am taking, and what type of items I need to transport. If I have a very fragile item, I use a topas. If I am concered about weight restrictions, I use the Salsa Air model.

One Trip Experience – Waiting Time

On my last trip, I packed using my Topas suitcase, as I was traveling to Africa and wanted to ensure that the items arrived without damage. I made the long trip from America to Africa in a little less than 30 hours. Many connecting flights – my luggage emerged in excellent condition. My ride, however, did not.

After passing immigration and customs, I had to wait out on the curb for my ride to pick me up. Luckily, I knew the Topas model was sturdy enough to hold my weight. So for about an hour, I used my trusty suitcase to sit on. Eventually my ride showed up and I was able to start my holiday. The contents in the Topas suitcase were still in pristine condition. The bonus was that I was able to also have a fancy stool to sit on while I waited.

Until next time! – Rimowa Expert

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Which is Better? Rimowa versus Samsonite

When it comes to luggage, both Rimowa vs Samsonite have similar lines of luggage. They both sell lines of carry-on bags, laptop bags and rollable luggage.  So why would someone want to spend $500 on a piece luggage? What is the definitive answer?

The Real Test – Samsonite Cosmolite

My friend and I took a trip to Italy and she had her Samsonite bag and I had the Rimowa. We both have had our bags through a couple of our past Europe trips.

Our bags were pretty similar on the trip, both lightweight and both were supposed to be durable and last us throughout our 10-day trip throughout Italy.  Half way through our 10 day trip her Samsonite had some issues with the zipper. The zipper broke off two days later.

Through all of our trips my aluminum Rimowa had lasted longer. The only problems I had were a few dents and scratches from all the traveling that we did over the past 5 years.

Advantages Of High End Luggage

While both bags have great aspects the Rimowa has some better advantages over the Samsonite. The Samsonite company sells their products on the idea that they have been around for 100 years and that they are iconic. While Rimowa sells their products based off being modern, stylish and an exclusive brand. 


  • Rimowa has the trademarked multi-wheel system.
  • Attractive and Sturdy.
  • Newer Rimowa products have an advanced feature where you can hook it to your handbags.
  • You can get the aluminum collection everywhere.
  • Rimowa is the creators of the polycarbonate cases and the locks on luggage.
  • Rimowa has repair shops around the globe for its shoppers to fix their luggage anywhere.
  • Rimowa has a 5-year manufacturer guarantee on all their luggage, which means that any damage done per the stupidity of the manufacture it will be covered by Rimowa. 


  • The biggest advantage with the Samsonite luggage is that it is priced at a mid-price range allowing anyone to but the bag.
  • It’ durable.
  • Samsonite has a 30 day return policy.
  • Popular with everyday people.
  • Pricing is set for those who live in the middle.
  • Samsonite offers a travel app that can be downloaded which allows travelers to track all of their miles. With this tracking they can use the points to earn rewards and discounts on future Samsonite purchases.

What’s the clear winner between the different brands?

Although both the Samsonite and Rimowa claim to be the industry leading brands to buy, Rimowa is the better choice out of the two. Rimowa is more exclusive, stylish and expensive while Samsonite is the bag for the everyday person, it is made to be very durable through rough times and ready to go.

With the above comparison, it is easy to say that both of the bags can last and are durable throughout years of travel. They are both easily available to the people, but if you are looking for a premium bag then you need to choose the Rimowa. The Rimowa lasted me longer and was a more trendy and rich look. Whereas my friend got what she paid for when buying her lightweight Samsonite luggage.

The Best Carry On Suit Case

If you are deciding between which carry on suitcase to buy- here’s what I recommend:

For the best priced Rimowa Luggage, please click back to the homepage.

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What about Briefcases?

Are briefcases a thing of the past?

I still remember my Dad going to work with his briefcase every day back in the 70’s. How times have changed.

Briefcase or Messenger bag?

Messenger bags are great for people on the go, or for those riding a bike to work. But what about securing fragile items? What if your messenger bag tumbles? Is your laptop or screen safe? What about the rain or waterproofing?

Case and point- Recently a fellow coworker was traveling with a messenger bag where a travel bottle got squeezed and ended up leaking on to his notepad. Yikes.

I’d like to return to the classy times where briefcases prevailed. If I buy hardcases for my luggage, why wouldn’t I do the same thing for my everyday needs?

Laptops, Documents, and more…

Predominantly, briefcases are used for carrying important documents, laptops, diaries, stationery equipment, etc. Some employees take work documents to their home to finish off the running project, and the manager wants them to complete the task immediately. Carrying briefcases makes it easier for the people to transport necessary things that are used on a daily basis. Some briefcases feature several pockets that allow them to put different documents according to the subject or relevance.

They are generally made from leather, chrome metal, faux leather. They come in rectangular shape, typically black or brown color and have a half-moon shaped knob at the top. They can be opened by unclipping the fasteners that are placed near the handle. The fixtures of briefcases are generally made of brass. More expensive ones have fixtures of gold. The Older version of briefcases features a satchel-style flap and buckle instead of clasp ones that are seen today.

You will also see some briefcases that include combination locks along with clasps. The combination can be a sequence of 3-6 digits, and it needs to be entered correctly to open the briefcases. These kinds of briefcases are generally used by senior executives as they are helpful in carrying confidential documents and contracts. This is why they are more expensive as compared to the regular ones.

The Rimowa Attache series allows customers to choose between different sizes depending on their need. The Laptop S Rimowa Attache is perfect for a 15 inch laptop, which the Laptop L will fit 17 inch laptops.  The Classic Flight Rimowa Attache has a leather handle which gives it a nice nostalgic feeling.

Types of briefcases

Typically, there are four types of briefcases, and each one of them has special features that define its usage.

  1. Portfolio:

Portfolio exactly means an assortment of loose paper, and this is the typical feature of Portfolio Briefcase. It allows the users to put all their important documents and stuff. Additionally, these types of briefcases are very easy to carry. While the portfolio briefcase appears as a regular one, they don’t have a handle. They are generally flat and thin which is what makes them easier to hold.  Though, today you can also find them with pull up handles. Typically, they feature buckles or zippers and are also designed to carry laptops. They are light weighted and reasonable and are used by freshmen and students.

  1. Padfolio:

It is an amalgamation of the notepad and portfolio briefcase. It is generally slimmer as compared to the portfolio, but it is mainly designed to hold beneath the arms and doesn’t feature pull up handle. A padfolio comes with credit card pocket, writing pad, and a calculator. They are slim and light weighted and come in handy when you are traveling.

  1. Attaché:

Attaché are the largest briefcase you will find. Over the years, they are used by diplomats, ambassadors. They are a regular box that opens in two different compartments that can collect more than you can think. Traditionally they were made up of aluminum. However, today they come in different designs, shape, materials that provide us with a lot of option to choose from.

  1. Travel Briefcase:

As the name gives away, they are mainly used for traveling purpose. Whether it is for a night or you are going out for a weekend, this is a type of briefcase that is ideal for carrying all your clothes as well as important documents. They typically open up in two different sections and are made of fiber or canvas. They are compact which makes them easier to carry.

Whether you are looking for traditional aluminum cases or light weighted language made from an advanced material, the Rimowa design is the absolutely ideal choice for you. When you are in a corporate world, the appearance counts. So, you need a briefcase that gives you a sharp look in from of the boss.

Rimowa briefcases go beyond aesthetic and function; they are also made from high-quality materials. They have a comprehensive collection of stylish briefcases that will help you make a style statement.

Fashionable and functional, briefcases are available in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Suitable to meet your every demand, the briefcases are made of finest material and offer smooth texture.

For the best price briefcase, check out our homepage.

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Review of Rimowa Flagship Store in Las Vegas

Shops At Crystals – Rimowa Flagship Store

What if I told you there were other things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling?

Yes its true! This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a work conference and having extra time to wander around. Shops at Crystals, Rimowa Flagship Store, was definitely on my list. I love being able to see the new displays and luggage options.

Junkers F13 – Special Edition

The store had a special store front display of the Junkers F13 luggage.  For those that don’t know about the airplane, the Junkers F13 is the inspiration of all the Rimowa Luggage line. The plane was the first full metal aircraft created by the Germans at the end of WWI. The plane was retired in the 1930’s, but its design aspects have been admired throughout the years.

Thanks to Rimowa, the plane was redesigned and manufactured for resale this past year. The sales associate and I had a nice quick chat about the history of the plane. Rimowa even has a separate website for those interested in purchasing one of these new  rendition planes.

In Store versus to Online Availability

The flagship store had all the various with a sales team quick to educate people on all the differences between the models. I loved being able to show my coworkers real time all the benefits of investing in a new suitcase. This luggage can take a beating, while keeping all your items safe.

Rimowa Luggage Model Comparison

  • Salsa: Entry Level. Polycarbonate Line.

  • Salsa Air: Light weight with a T-bar handle.

  • Salsa Deluxe: Reinforced structure, with compression strap dividers. Padded handle.

  • Limbo: Salsa Deluxe with a Steel Frame and Aluminum corners.

  • Bossa Nova: Similar to Deluxe with Leather Corner Caps

  • Topas: Aluminum version

In store experience allows the customer to test out the smooth wheels and get an idea of the size suitcase they need.

I found that some of the newer color models were not available at the store. Alternatively, its easy to find what you like, then order online.

I spent a good hour in the store and left feeling more confident than ever in my luggage choice. In fact, I think may have also converted my coworker to investing in a carryon Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Cabin suitcase.

Happy Travels!

Go back to the homepage here.

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Winter is not Over- Trapped in Snow Storm

Recently I had the misfortune of traveling to the East Coast when a major snow storm hit.  Airports shut down. New York City shut down. I, on the other hand, was stuck in  Phoenix.

The scenario- I was on a flight enroute to Phoenix from San Franisco. Once I got to Phoenix, my flight was canceled. The majority of the passengers de-planed and lined up at the customer service desk for re-routes.

In case you find yourself in the same situation, here’s a few things you can do:

  • Realistically review your re-route options. The customer service desk is only interested in booking your next outbound flight. They aren’t going to evaluate the risk mitigation of the snow storm. For example, if your 2pm flight is canceled, why would you then be rescheduled to the same airport at 10pm. The storm is just going to get worse. Research other airports that are still accepting flights. Look at the weather report. Is it realistic to continue the trip?
  • Call your credit card company. Most credit cards have some type of trip insurance. Mastercard and Visa usually offer $100. Chase Sapphire Reserver offers $500.
  • Always ask for a meal voucher or a discount code for a hotel. Most likely the gate agent will laugh in your face, but you never know, they might feel sorry for you and give you a free meal.
  • Complain on social media. Use twitter to tweet to your airline company to express why you are mad at them. Is customer service bad? Do you deserve a refund? In most cases, the airlines will reply faster on social media than other outlets.
  • Go to an airport lounge. If you have a high end credit card, you can visit a lounge and regroup and plan a strategy. If you are an elite member of an airlines, go to the lounge to get faster service than the normal lines.

In case you wanted some light reading during your long lay over. Here are some airline contracts. Most companies do not offer any compensation, but its worth a try:

American Airlines.

Frontier Airlines.


Southwest Airlines.

Spirit Airlines. United Airlines.

Also if you are traveling during a snow storm, check with the gate agent on the chances of the second leg of your trip being canceled. That way you aren’t stuck in Phoenix (like me!)

The good news is that I was able to sort out the mess American Airlines created. I canceled my original flight and flew back to San Francisco. Requested a refund via twitter and received a discount (after filing a claim on their website).

The bad news is that the snow storm prevented my quick fun getaway.

For more information on our website, please visit

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