Should I buy a Suitcase as a present for Christmas?

Sometimes shopping for friends and family can be the most stressful and time consuming thing to do in December.  With black Friday in the past, one is left to search amazon or go to the mall.  Depending on the person, a suitcase or an accessory to luggage could be the perfect choice.

Budget Travel Accessories as Gifts

Believe it or not, one of my favorite budget gifts I received one year was a luggage tag. Most luggage comes with a complimentary tag that matches the color of the case.  However, one year I received a bright pink plastic luggage tag. The color stood out so much that I could always tell immediately whether the item was mine or not on the baggage claim carousel.  Nowadays there are many varieties that you can find on amazon for a cheap price.

Moderately Priced Travel Related Items

Cosmetic Case or a Travel Kit?

A cosmetic case can also be used as a travel kit.  Despite TSA regulations setting all liquids be in a clear bag, I toss my 100ml items into zip lock bag and then into a travel kit.  This way, I can also add a toothbrush, floss, and other small items.  Like luggage tags, travel kids can also be purchased to fit one’s personality / preferences.  Tumi has the traditional black ones with the red logo.  Tory Burch and Kate Spade will often times create unique travel kits with prints and bold colors.

The Perfect Gift for Anyone

One of my favorite accessories are overnight bags.  If it is a significant other, you can buy a larger upscale leather bag.  For example, Tumi has a line for duffle bags marketed for work, gym or travel.  The smaller bags start at $150 and go up to $1000.  Whether you are buying a gift for your mom, mother in law, or best friend, the overnight bag works for everyone. It’s simple enough for daily use, or for someone that doesn’t travel much, they can use it as a gym bag or as a backup emergency bag in the car.

For higher end companies, you can also monogram the bag to make the gift unique and personalized.

Luxury Gifts for That Special Someone

Looking for a luxury item that isn’t a necklace or a ring? A suitcase is a great option to give to your long term partner. It’s something special that tells the other person, ‘ I wan’t to go on trips with you.” The Rimowa Salsa carry on is a great choice for those looking for a quality suitcase, great design, and long lasting.

In Japan, there are 4 different store fronts within Tokyo for people to shop this luxury item.  In general, the Japanese community has a preference for Rimowa for the brand’s high quality hard cases, fashion statements, and good looking aesthetics.

This holiday season I plan to buy my sister a Salsa Air Carry On in Red.  I know that this is a gift she will enjoy and use for the years to come.




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  1. I receive one of this last Christmas and I really love it. For it is big and all my stuff is fit on one luggage to travel.

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