Where can I find the best prices for a Rimowa?

Are Prices the same everywhere?

Most people think that all Rimowa suitcases are the same price across countries, stores and online. However, when you buy a Rimowa online, you can save up to hundreds of dollars. Not sure on what type or size to buy? First do your research.

Retail Store Models and Costs

Nieman Marcus and Nordstroms both carry the Rimowa brand of luggage and travel bags.  This a great place to determine whether you would like to purchase a Topas or a Salsa model. Each model has its benefits.  For carry-on luggage, my favorite choice is the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Multiwheel model.  The carryon model has the best quality and easy to roll spinner wheels.

Rimowa Aluminum Cases

Best Deals Online

Doing a google search for Rimowa carryon, you will be able to find shopping choices between: ebay, amazon, zappos, and other department stores.


Ebay has low prices, but comes with the product risk. In certain cases, the unit could be a very high end knockoff. Knockoffs have the aesthetic replication of the Rimowa exterior, however, it may not have the same durability and warranty to the German Rimowa standards.


Amazon lists various Rimowa models, but not offer direct amazon warehouse shipping. Most listings are third party sellers, and may not have the most competitive price.  In addition, in some cases, the price will include an additional shipping price. The return policies for these companies varies and requires additional research prior to purchase.

Our Recommendation

My favorite place to buy Rimowa luggage is here. For more detailed information visit my home page for details on models.  My recommended online site features easy returns and free shipping. In addition, I found these are the most competitive prices in USA.

Discounted Products

It is often vary rare to see a Rimowa model on clearance.  An alternative could be for people to research craigslist options. This requires you to do regular searches and meeting a person locally.  In most cases these suitcases are used (with scratches or dings).  When buying a second hand luggage, I recommend to thoroughly check the case:

  • Verify the interior is odor-free
  • Interior straps are still in good condition
  • Exterior does not have significant dings
  • Wheels are tightly secured to case
  • Locks are functional
  • No cracks in exterior case

Duty-Free Shops

On vacation in Europe? I’ve seen official Duty Free Rimowa stores in both Lisbon and Munich.  Duty Free stores are convenient for US travelers because you skip the entire VAT reimbursement process.  When you purchase luggage within Europe, it is often taxed between 19-22%.  However, in the airport, stores are exempt from certain local and national taxes. In some cases, when can ask the flight attendant if you can gate check the item or repack your carryon belongs.

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