Review of Rimowa Flagship Store in Las Vegas

Shops At Crystals – Rimowa Flagship Store

What if I told you there were other things to do in Las Vegas besides gambling?

Yes its true! This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a work conference and having extra time to wander around. Shops at Crystals, Rimowa Flagship Store, was definitely on my list. I love being able to see the new displays and luggage options.

Junkers F13 – Special Edition

The store had a special store front display of the Junkers F13 luggage.  For those that don’t know about the airplane, the Junkers F13 is the inspiration of all the Rimowa Luggage line. The plane was the first full metal aircraft created by the Germans at the end of WWI. The plane was retired in the 1930’s, but its design aspects have been admired throughout the years.

Thanks to Rimowa, the plane was redesigned and manufactured for resale this past year. The sales associate and I had a nice quick chat about the history of the plane. Rimowa even has a separate website for those interested in purchasing one of these new  rendition planes.

In Store versus to Online Availability

The flagship store had all the various with a sales team quick to educate people on all the differences between the models. I loved being able to show my coworkers real time all the benefits of investing in a new suitcase. This luggage can take a beating, while keeping all your items safe.

Rimowa Luggage Model Comparison

  • Salsa: Entry Level. Polycarbonate Line.

  • Salsa Air: Light weight with a T-bar handle.

  • Salsa Deluxe: Reinforced structure, with compression strap dividers. Padded handle.

  • Limbo: Salsa Deluxe with a Steel Frame and Aluminum corners.

  • Bossa Nova: Similar to Deluxe with Leather Corner Caps

  • Topas: Aluminum version

In store experience allows the customer to test out the smooth wheels and get an idea of the size suitcase they need.

I found that some of the newer color models were not available at the store. Alternatively, its easy to find what you like, then order online.

I spent a good hour in the store and left feeling more confident than ever in my luggage choice. In fact, I think may have also converted my coworker to investing in a carryon Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Cabin suitcase.

Happy Travels!

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