Which is Better? Rimowa versus Samsonite

When it comes to luggage, both Rimowa vs Samsonite have similar lines of luggage. They both sell lines of carry-on bags, laptop bags and rollable luggage.  So why would someone want to spend $500 on a piece luggage? What is the definitive answer?

The Real Test – Samsonite Cosmolite

My friend and I took a trip to Italy and she had her Samsonite bag and I had the Rimowa. We both have had our bags through a couple of our past Europe trips.

Our bags were pretty similar on the trip, both lightweight and both were supposed to be durable and last us throughout our 10-day trip throughout Italy.  Half way through our 10 day trip her Samsonite had some issues with the zipper. The zipper broke off two days later.

Through all of our trips my aluminum Rimowa had lasted longer. The only problems I had were a few dents and scratches from all the traveling that we did over the past 5 years.

Advantages Of High End Luggage

While both bags have great aspects the Rimowa has some better advantages over the Samsonite. The Samsonite company sells their products on the idea that they have been around for 100 years and that they are iconic. While Rimowa sells their products based off being modern, stylish and an exclusive brand. 


  • Rimowa has the trademarked multi-wheel system.
  • Attractive and Sturdy.
  • Newer Rimowa products have an advanced feature where you can hook it to your handbags.
  • You can get the aluminum collection everywhere.
  • Rimowa is the creators of the polycarbonate cases and the locks on luggage.
  • Rimowa has repair shops around the globe for its shoppers to fix their luggage anywhere.
  • Rimowa has a 5-year manufacturer guarantee on all their luggage, which means that any damage done per the stupidity of the manufacture it will be covered by Rimowa. 


  • The biggest advantage with the Samsonite luggage is that it is priced at a mid-price range allowing anyone to but the bag.
  • It’ durable.
  • Samsonite has a 30 day return policy.
  • Popular with everyday people.
  • Pricing is set for those who live in the middle.
  • Samsonite offers a travel app that can be downloaded which allows travelers to track all of their miles. With this tracking they can use the points to earn rewards and discounts on future Samsonite purchases.

What’s the clear winner between the different brands?

Although both the Samsonite and Rimowa claim to be the industry leading brands to buy, Rimowa is the better choice out of the two. Rimowa is more exclusive, stylish and expensive while Samsonite is the bag for the everyday person, it is made to be very durable through rough times and ready to go.

With the above comparison, it is easy to say that both of the bags can last and are durable throughout years of travel. They are both easily available to the people, but if you are looking for a premium bag then you need to choose the Rimowa. The Rimowa lasted me longer and was a more trendy and rich look. Whereas my friend got what she paid for when buying her lightweight Samsonite luggage.

The Best Carry On Suit Case

If you are deciding between which carry on suitcase to buy- here’s what I recommend:

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