Rimowa Titanium Luggage

I thought I would write about the Topas Titanium collection today to eliminate some confusion. Contrary to the name Titanium, the Rimowa Topas Titanium collection is not made of Titanium.

Titanium or Aluminum?

That’s right. The suitcase is made from aluminum but designed to look like titanium. It is slightly heavier than our other suitcases. Why? If you take a look inside the Topas Titanium, you can see that the interior has a height adjustable flex divider to allow the traveler to have a custom interior fit. This definitely helps keep items organized where TSA or other security agents open and inspect the luggage.
This exclusive aluminum material is more durable than its competitors like Delsey and Tumi. The Topas Aluminum is approximately one pound lighter than the Topas Titanium. This is due to the fact that the Topas Titanium model is manufactured out of aircraft aluminum, making it very durable.
Whether you are traveling to high humidity area or high temperature areas, your belongings inside the case are unaffected.

Aircraft Aluminum

Aircraft grade aluminum refers to the type of alloy within the material. Aircrafts must pass extreme temperatures and environmental testing compared to other aluminum materials. The most common alloys for aircraft grade aluminum are 6061, 2024, and 7075. Each type differences in tempers of allow. The 7075 allow has different processing requirements than 6061. The alloy in the material makes it stronger than if the material was solely aluminum.
Rimowa’s patent design does not explain the type of alloy used in manufacture. However, it is noted that it is stronger than other typical “titanium” labeled brands.

Delsey Luggage Helium Titanium

After some checking, I found that the Delsey Titanium luggage is actually made of polycarbonate. The word Titanium refers to the matte metallic finish. I would only recommend this suitcase as a starter luggage. The unit has bright colors and is lightweight. However, for those travelers that want to protect the contents – I would go with a Rimowa product.
If you only travel once a year, then it would not see as much wear and tear as a person that travels weekly.
The Titanium collection also features a black color option. Rimowa has anodized the aluminum, which refers to the electrochemical process. This gives the luggage a unique shade of black compared to other suitcases. The aluminum black color will appear matte versus glossy.

Will it Scratch?

The Topas collection has a patent finish that prevents scratching. This is definitely great for those travelers that like that clean luggage look. Many times, the luggage handlers will toss in luggage that causes light scratch marks across other suitcases.

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