Is a Tumi Bag Worth It?

Since I travel a lot, people are always asking me to evaluate or compare different brands.  I have been a true fan of Rimowa Luggage for many years. That being said, I do often check out other brands to see how they compare to mine.

International Slim Carry-On

At first look, the Tumi Carry on looks just like the Rimowa Salsa Line.

Tumi Specifications


  • Height 55   cm
  • Width 40  cm
  • Depth  20  cm
  • Weight: 2,9  kg
  • Capacity: 37  L
  • Primary Material: Polycarbonate


  • Height 55 cm
  • Width  40 cm
  • Depth  23 cm
  • Weight: 2  kg
  • Capacity: 38  L
  • Primary Material: Polycarbonate

On measurements alone, the Rimowa Salsa Air Cabin Sized luggage is slightly larger and lighter than the Tumi International Slim Carry On.

The Best Kept Secret

My favorite part of cabin luggage is the ease of transportation.  The Rimowa line of luggage has a special 4 wheel system that makes it easier than other models to be pulled or pushed over different types of flooring.

Most people over look this small feature until they get to Europe and have to pull their luggage over cobblestone sidewalks. Cheaper luggage will struggle to glide easily over un even surfaces.

Best Prices for Each Unit

Prices vary online for the Tumi and Rimowa.  Generally both carry – on units should cost less than 400 euros.

For Tumi models, I found that the Rimowa unit would be about 5-10 euros more expensive.  However, if you look at the dimensions and specifications, that is a small difference to pay in return for a superior product. In many cases, the prices difference is only 1-2% more expensive.

Wear and Tear

Rimowa luggage owners will know that the more your travel, the more “scratches” and marks you will obtain on your suitcase. However, I think Rimowa units with stickers and marks are what make each piece unique and beautiful.  I trust the hardcase unit to keep fragile items from damage. The luggage handlers can toss and throw my luggage around during checkin, but the piece does it’s job and keeps the contents safe and sound.

 Tumi V3 vs Rimowa

The conclusion? For the money, durability and warranty, I would chose a Rimowa piece over Tumi.



  • Height 56   cm
  • Width 35.5  cm
  • Depth  23  cm
  • Weight: 5  kg
  • Capacity: 32  L
  • Primary Material: Aluminum


  • Height 55 cm
  • Width  40 cm
  • Depth  20 cm
  • Weight: 4.8  kg
  • Capacity: 32  L
  • Primary Material: Aluminum

The Tumi Aluminum unit is slightly taller while the Rimowa unit is a little wider.  They both contain a volume of 32L, but the Rimowa unit is 4.8KG compared to the Tumi unit at 5kg.

From previous airline experience, some overhead compartments are shorter, so a wider suitcase would work out better than a taller unit.

The price tag for both units in Europe is just under 1000 euros. Both competitors are tailoring to customers seeking out aluminum cases.  Whether its aluminum or polycarbonate, I believe the specifications alone show that the Rimowa pieces are more desirable.

For more info on Rimowa bags, check out our home page.

Happy Traveling!

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